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Milk from an almond? It’s like blood from a stone

Sep 11. 2018
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Re: “As your compassion rises, your cholesterol falls”, Have Your Say, September 10.

Eric Bahrt has this time elevated the level of personal abuse to unprecedented levels, but as usual it’s all “sound and fury, signifying nothing”. I again need to ask Eric to refer to a dictionary for the definition of “glutton”.

As for Diane Cornelius and her legumes (which form part of my diet, by the way), well, it’s the usual propaganda. It’s true that over 1,000 litres of water are needed to produce 1 litre of cows’ milk, but a staggering 7,000 litres of water are needed to produce 1 litre of almond milk, an alternative much sought after by trendy vegan types, and this is having a huge environmental impact in drought stricken California, from where much of the world’s supply of almonds comes. Stick with cows’ milk folks, you know it makes sense.

Finally, on a medical note, despite having been a “glutton” for more than seven decades, I am in robust good health, and all my vital signs, including cholesterol, are normal. This I am sure is because I enjoy a balanced diet, not one more suited to rabbits than red-blooded human beings. Maybe it’s a lack of nutrition that makes Eric Bahrt so irascible and abusive.

Robin Grant


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