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Milking the issue

Sep 14. 2018
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Because Robin Grant can’t answer the argument that over 50 per cent of America’s water supply is wasted raising animals for food, he keeps harping on the “fact” that it requires more water to produce almond milk than cow’s milk. 

If that is really what concerns Grant, the solution is very simple: Don’t drink any milk at all, since no species in the world needs to drink milk once they’re past the breastfeeding age.

 But more importantly, I want to respond to Grant’s accusation that I’m abusive. This is a man who continuously writes vicious lies about my friends at PETA. In his latest tirade, he called PETA members “predatory” simply because they believe – as does everyone else involved in animal welfare – that with a massive stray dog and cat problem we should be getting those animals spayed and neutered instead of breeding them.

I want the readers to know two things about my letters. Usually they are 100-per-cent accurate and I rarely get nasty unless I’m responding to a vicious person who either personally attacks me or writes horrible lies about my friends.

I give it back as hard as I get it and I make no apologies for that.

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai

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