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MotoGP 2019 – an appeal to the Baron of Buri Ram

Oct 10. 2018
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Re: “Came to Thailand for fantastic MotoGP, stayed for a holiday”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

J Chadderton’s useful letter shows that there were indeed two sides to last Sunday’s MotoGP – a truly magnificent Thai-style experience for those within the circuit, and a scene redolent of a Hieronymus Bosch painting for those who were banished without, where suicidal farangs and tearful Thais attempted to drown their sorrows with weak, insipid Chang beer.

Among all the official back-slapping, Baron Newin Chidchob of Buri Ram, bless his heart, suggested that the seating capacity might be increased. There is really no need to contemplate such expenditure for an occasional one-off. We MotoGP-ers are a hardy lot, and all we need is access to open spaces beside the track. Having attended races at five different tracks in various countries, I am quite used to standing ankle-deep in mud, 

being rained upon, frozen to death or burnt to a cinder once the stadia are full, but I do expect to be allowed to enter the circuit.

The general consensus among the many frustrated international race-goers was that they had never before encountered a capacity limit, and that Buri Ram is 

the only circuit in the world to accept money but deny admittance to the trackside.

So please, Mr Newin, for next year – some fencing, maybe some landfill to create some grassed earth banks, a bridge to allow access to the empty central area, but... please... JUST LET US IN!

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga 

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