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A military built on liberal diversity is easily defeated

Oct 18. 2018
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Re: “In a democracy, military reflects the society from which it recruits,” Have Your Say, October 18.

But it should NOT! A military requires a special kind of person to do a very difficult job. It requires those who are judged to have fighting capability, who are prepared to kill, who will stick up for their mates, who will not fall apart in a blubbing flood of tears on the battlefield, and above all, who hold unquestioning allegiance to their nation. My October 16 letter criticised the ludicrous UK military recruitment campaign in which these fundamental soldierly attributes have been sacrificed at the altar of touchy-feely liberal-fascist notions of diversity and equality. Whatever happened to that sound maxim, “the best man for the job”?

Robin Grant and Ian Martin (October 17) draw attention to the valuable contribution of Muslim soldiers to allied forces in the two world wars. Indeed, but the context of those wars was entirely different from the threats we face in 2018 and in times of war “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”. When one considers where the greatest threat to Western civilisation lies right now, and when one notes that a certain religion demands allegiance to a supreme supernatural being over and above allegiance to any king, country or law, then clearly military recruitment must be circumspect if later disaster is to be avoided.

One final point regarding the young soldiers’ photo opportunity with Tommy Robinson – there is nothing in the Queen’s Regulations that says a soldier can’t have his photo taken with a celebrity, however much that celebrity is loved or hated by the political establishment. And that is precisely because the Army, as Robin notes, is “strictly non-political”. Or should be.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

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