Monday, October 21, 2019

Why it’s farcical to equate mainstream media with a liberal conspiracy 

Oct 25. 2018
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It would appear that I have sorely misjudged Mr Nigel Pike, after all. Far from taking himself too seriously all of the time, he does indeed have some rusting but still breathing comedic instincts.

Take this snippet of rambunctious music-hall humour: “The UK’s mainstream [the operative word] media will simply not report events that have happened, that might prove the lie to their liberal-socialist agenda.” 

I know exactly where Nigel is coming from. I, too, blame those nasty, Trotskyite mainstream media organs like the Daily Telegraph, and especially the Daily Mail, and of course not forgetting that mainstream media hyper-socialist bastion of truth and decency, The Sun “newspaper”. Absolutely reprehensible, Nige, eh? 

Dr Frank


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