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Stop the war on intelligent, life-loving sentient beings 

Nov 16. 2018
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World War I was known as the war to end all wars because of the huge number of people slaughtered.

But that number – 16 million – pales when compared with the number being slaughtered in our current war. Each day we slaughter a mind-boggling 203 million intelligent, life-loving sentient beings.

Whereas WWI had combatants on both sides, our war has combatants on one side only. The other side consists of defenceless helpless animals, many of which are still babies. And, unlike our soldiers in WWI who died for a noble cause, our victims die simply to satisfy our taste for their flesh.

An Australian documentary released this year reveals the true horror of life and death for these animals. You can watch the trailer at


After viewing it, I’m sure you’ll be convinced that it’s time to end the greatest war of all time – our war on animals.

Jenny Moxham

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