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If this isn’t tyranny, what is?

Nov 21. 2018
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Re: “Leading Australian wedding magazine shuts over gay snub”, World, November 19.

In among the 17 column inches of pompous, apoplectic, hate-filled, verbal diarrhoea which Dr Frank emptied upon me last week (Have Your Say, November 15 & 17) for attempting to save the world’s children (November 14), he accused me of “shamelessly and noisily trivialising and misusing” the word “tyranny” in connection with the burgeoning LGBT industry. I hope he and other doubters checked out the above story.

White magazine is (or rather was) an Australian wedding magazine run by a Christian couple. Following the legalisation of same-sex marriage in that purportedly Christian country, ABC TV criticised the publication for its “lack of LGBTQI diversity”. What followed was an intimidation campaign of abuse and threats of physical violence against advertisers, staff, contributors, and even loving couples who had been featured in the magazine. White was forced to close last week, bowing out with a tearful and heart-rending final editorial.

James Tey, a Christian wedding photographer, also faced the wrath of the newly empowered pansexual fascists. He disclosed his conflict of conscience when accepting a commission from a same-sex couple, and was dragged before the State Equal Opportunities Commission which forced him to publish a written apology on his website for two months. “We are at the stage where anything less than total affirmation [of the LGBT tyrants] is worthy of vicious attack. We’re spiralling into an Orwellian nightmare,” said the Australian Christian Lobby. Irony alert – same-sex marriages were legalised in the name of “tolerance”. You couldn’t make it up!

Make no mistake, if it shrieks like a tyrant, intimidates like a tyrant, attacks like a tyrant and prosecutes like a tyrant, then it is a tyrant. Dr Frank, take note.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

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