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Thanksgiving a grotesque mockery of what it’s supposed to celebrate

Nov 22. 2018
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This week has been murder for turkeys in the US with a staggering 46 million of them being massacred for Thanksgiving feasts. But their suffering started way before their horrific and painful deaths. 

From the time they were hatched they have been confined in cramped, dusty, dark sheds where ammonia-laden air has burned their eyes and lungs. Because of selective breeding their bodies have grown to three times their normal size and because their legs are unable to support this abnormal weight many have suffered from lameness, deformities and crippling leg pain. 

So much needless cruelty to God’s creatures at time meant to thank God for his blessings. Does it make the slightest sense? But soon we will be doing a similar thing in Australia and other countries around the globe. We’ll be massacring millions of turkeys to celebrate the birth of the “Prince of Peace”. Isn’t it time we made compassion the fashion – especially when the celebrations are meant to be all about love and goodwill?

Jenny Moxham

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