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Will legalising marijuana open the gateway to other drugs?

Nov 26. 2018
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Re: “Thailand moves one step closer to legal marijuana”, The Nation Weekend, November 24-25.

And that’s assuming the pure plant is not in itself harmful. Not to mention its potential as a “gateway drug”.

I know in my case that it was psychologically harmful and certainly would have affected my ability to produce software under stringent quality standards within difficult deadlines, and even stay employed or even desire to stay employed. I know from my experience as a veteran software developer and team leader in Silicon Valley that stoned people cannot produce complex software, no matter how intelligent they are.


Yeah, just like beer makes one want to mainline whisky and vodka. It’s an old, tired argument. I know people who smoke and have no interest in “ice”, heroin or cocaine. Just because it affected you adversely doesn’t mean it does the same to others. Time to change the record.


(ThaiVisa/The Nation)


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