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‘God is a transgender’: Breaking news from head of Anglican Church

Nov 27. 2018
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For one who claims no religion, A Bangkok Atheist’s encyclopaedic knowledge of matters theological is breathtaking.

He has previously enlightened us as to the fate of Jesus Christ’s foreskin (Have Your Say, September 14) and the mechanism by which God impregnated the Virgin Mary with the assistance of a pigeon (October 4).  These claims both check out in the available literature.

What does Mr Atheist make of the latest revelation?

Last week, Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the worldwide Anglican communion, declared that God was neither male nor female. This has serious implications. By obsessively referring to God as “He” and “Father”, Jesus Christ was guilty of misgendering offences, and would have been “no-platformed” at Oxford University and faced imprisonment under Canada’s Bill C-16 misgendering law. That’s if he hadn’t already been crucified for disseminating allegedly fake news.

Can Mr Atheist confirm that God was transgendering from male to female? If so, can we safely assume that He or She did not undergo reassignment of genitalia? But if God did indeed lose His or Her wedding tackle, did the pigeon get hijacked in some way and deliver fake sperm? And if so, whose?

The beliefs of 2.4 billion Christians hang by a thread. I think we should be told.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga 


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