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News from a parallel universe: President Hillary Clinton launches nuclear war

Nov 29. 2018
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Re: “Another blast of hot air from the windbag in the White House”, Have Your Say, November 27.

It is quite annoying and disturbing that so many writers demean, belittle and smear President Trump, to whom we owe a good deal of gratitude for stopping the warmongering, with North Korea denuclearising, breaking down fences between the two separated countries and extending the hand of peace. Thank you, President Trump. Under Hillary Clinton as president, America would already be engaged in a murderous and unnecessary war with unimaginable casualties in the millions.

Trump also engineered, together with President Putin, the elimination of ISIS and return of Syria to peace. A lot is still left to be done, but Syrian refugees are now flowing back to their country. All of us should thank both presidents.

Then there is the squabble between Admiral William McRaven and President Trump. It is rather pitiful to see the admiral grand-standing an action that never took place: Osama bin Laden died around December 20, 2001 of a rare and incurable disease called Marfan syndrome. Among the many sources providing evidence-based proof of this fact is an exceptional man who served three American presidents – Nixon, Ford and Carter – as deputy assistant secretary of state. Yet for some reason Dr Steve Pieczenik has never been taken up on his willingness to tell a federal grand jury the true facts of bin Laden’s demise. Readers interested in the truth can search YouTube for “Dr Steve Pieczenik”.


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