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George HW Bush had a dark side

Dec 05. 2018
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Re: “George HW Bush a stark contrast to Trump”, Editorial, December 4.

I wish to disagree with your comparison. George HW Bush was certainly not the nice guy you describe him to be.

For a glimpse into the dark depths behind his presidency, I recommend the book “The Bush Crime Family”.

Go back a little in the family tree and you discover that his father, Prescott Bush, was a major financier of Hitler’s war machine. How does this fit with the heroic reputation attributed to his boy, George? Same genes, same DNA, same deviousness, and clear traits of treason. Prescott Bush’s Union Bank was closed down in 1942, but for reasons of national unity he was not prosecuted.

Meanwhile the connections between the Bush family and the CIA are well documented. There is also strong evidence  that George HW was on the scene in Dallas when President John F Kennedy was callously murdered by numerous gunmen. The sole-shooter theory is almost certainly a total and complete hoax. Bush supervised the perfect execution of JFK, a tragedy for the whole world. Like Donald Trump, JFK stood for peace with the Russians, but the many other vested interests prevailed and we got more wars. One such was in Vietnam, launched under the pretext of a fake torpedo attack by the North Vietnamese navy. President Lyndon Johnson was the purveyor of one more hoax: JFK had firmly planned to bring all US troops back to American soil by the end of 1963. He also had signed Executive Order 11110 eliminating the private consortium which today is known as the “Federal Reserve System” (the Fed) – which is no more federal than Federal Express. 

HW betrayed Saddam Hussein after telling him that invading Kuwait did not concern him. Then he ignored the US Congress and instead sought approval to declare war from the UN. Iraq and its society were completely destroyed, devastated and plundered. Should we really respect this proponent of the new world order?

With his death, the mainstream media is once again failing us by concealing the facts.


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