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Should God be on Interpol’s red list?

Dec 10. 2018
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Poor old God is having a miserable run-up to Christmas. Hot on the heels of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s declaration that God is a transgender, we now have a shocking allegation of His or Her gross impropriety.

Professor Eric Sprankle of Minnesota State University has declared that God was a rapist, claiming that He or She bonked the Virgin Mary without consent. Apologists for God point out that the first chapter of Luke asserts that Mary acquiesced, but the text makes it clear that this was in a very servile fashion: “I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” That doesn’t exactly sound as though the poor girl was gagging for it, does it? And the preceding verses clearly imply that there was no choice in the matter – the Angel Gabriel told Mary that God had made His or Her mind up, had made some fanciful promises regarding the future social status of the progeny, had even decided on his name, and the matter was a fait accompli. So perhaps we can add “grooming” to the mounting list of charges.

Should Interpol put God on the red list? Over to Ye Olde Theologian and A Bangkok Atheist for some wisdom on this latest scandal.

Nigel Pike

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