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Dec 10. 2018
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Re: “Given factory farming, animal abuse rampant”, Have Your Say, December 8.

Eric Bahrt wonders what motivates my “endless tirades” against Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), but in previous letters I have explained what, in my opinion, the dire consequences would be for people’s lifestyles, livelihoods and life choices if some of Peta’s more extreme policies prevailed. For example, does Mr Bahrt believe that the Thai silk industry should cease to exist?

The founder and president of Peta has said that “Pet ownership is an absolutely abysmal situation”, and “Pet ownership is slavery”. Yet, according to Mr Bahrt, Peta, which campaigns for ethical treatment of animals, doesn’t want to end pet ownership. Why not, if the poor enslaved creatures suffer so much? It doesn’t make sense.

Mr Bahrt says he suffers periods of anger because some people don’t share his views. I would therefore like to suggest reading material which might help to calm his unruly emotions. First published in 1653, and never out of print since 1750, (only the Bible and Shakespeare have seen more reprints), “The Compleat Angler”, aka “The Contemplative Man’s Recreation” by Izaak Walton reflects, in eloquent prose and poetry, upon the delights of fishing the rivers and streams of England, and upon much else besides. I am sure Mr Bahrt would find it soothing, illuminating and thought-provoking.

Robin Grant


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