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The ‘slavery’ in keeping pets is benign

Dec 14. 2018
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Once again Robin Grant deliberately quotes Peta and me out of context to maliciously distort our positions.

Actually, I agree with Peta that pet ownership is “slavery” when the word is used in its proper context. But, as I’ve noted a thousand times before, many Peta members own dogs or cats, which they get from the shelters or the streets because they know these animals are too domesticated to survive in the wild. I call that “slavery” benign.

He also quotes me out of context when he claims I said I get “angry” when people disagree with me. What I actually wrote was, “If my letters seem angry it’s because I believe the most deplorable and cowardly people on earth are those who would do harm to the weak and defenceless, whether human or animal.”

If Grant had the facts on his side he wouldn’t have to resort to such grotesque distortions of other people’s positions in order to make his case.

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai

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