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A doctor’s prescription for the festive season 

Dec 25. 2018
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A belated seasonal greeting to y’all from a jet-lagged Dr Frank, now back in God’s county and ready for lots of pigs in blankets, lambs liver and onions, and of course wonderful turkey and all the trimmings served in the finest restaurant in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Now, though, looking out of my brother’s kitchen window, I’m treated to a panoramic vista: frost-decorated fields, denuded oaks, and cloudy galleons scudding towards the North York Moors across a brooding gunmetal sky. 

Tomorrow I, my brother, our family and other well-wishers are going to the local LGBT Christmas get-together to sing songs about peace on earth, and good will to all men and women, and those who through no fault of their own fall somewhere in between. We will also spare a thought for all our vegetable friends taking a rest from being lacerated by flailing machines, and choked with sinister stuff coming out from spray guns courtesy of Victoria Agricidal Effluent and Aggregates, Pty. 

Seriously, I wish all of you a nice time and a peaceful, dyspepsia-free Krimbo and 2019.

Dr Frank

Richmond, North Yorkshire

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