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‘Gender identity’ is opinion, not fact

Dec 27. 2018
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Re: “Life as a gay person is difficult enough”, Have Your Say, December 19.

I have a minor nitpick with Khon Kaen Paul’s useful contribution to the debate. I don’t necessarily believe that people born with XX and XY chromosomes are “naturally inclined to behave” as women and men respectively, though I agree wholeheartedly with his view that young children should be given a kick in the appropriate chromosomal direction and not subjected to the kind of indoctrination that we see in UK, particularly Brighton.

The problem I have is with the blurring of truth and opinion. XX and XY are scientific truths; “gender identity” is an opinion. But governments around the world are succumbing to LGBT pressure to allow their citizens to disregard the truth and determine their self-identified “gender” on ID cards and official documents. This is as dangerous and ridiculous as allowing a four-foot-tall short person to “identify” as a seven-foot colossus, or a 50-year-old to identify as a teenager. We are seeing the fallout of such policy in the shape of the so-called bearded migrant “children” who are abusing the EU’s open doors immigration policy.

Does anyone know what happens in South Korea? I’ve a good mind to “identify” as a sexy 16-year-old Korean girl and apply to join a K-pop band. The fact that I’m a male 70-year-old git is irrelevant.

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga

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