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Is this planet ours to ruin?

Jan 03. 2019
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Robin Grant obviously puts his own self-interests before that of our non-human sentient earthlings, by claiming he doesn’t care if he has a corpse on his plate (“Unpalatable suggestions being rammed down our throats”, yesterday). 

Jenny, Eric and I are hardly “moralising”; we are desperately asking people like you, Robin, to take off your rose-coloured glasses. In believing that everything can stay the same way, you will face some hard questions from the next generation about why they were not heard. The fact is that billions of dollars are being spent to try to stop the destruction of our planet by the billions of animals we are breeding and slaughtering – the run-off from slaughterhouses alone is causing serious ecological damage. The land needed for grazing and growing crops for animal feed is ruining our ecosystems, rivers and oceans. People from poor countries are starving as their crops are sent to rich countries to unnecessarily feed livestock. 

Our governments should be leading the change, to explain why people like you should care. We CAN live well without the suffering and damage we are causing. The three of us have never met but we have one thing in common: the desire to leave a kinder, sustainable, liveable planet for those who follow us.

Dane Cornelius

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