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Junta’s attempt to erase Thailand’s history will fail

Jan 08. 2019
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I am furious upon reading the news, (which, by the way, only The Nation published), that the Constitution Defence Monument has been mysteriously removed at night, with government authorities claiming to know nothing about it. 

Is it any coincidence that ever since the military staged a coup to seize power from an elected government, many such incidents have occurred? 

First came the removal of the plaque commemorating the 1932 revolution that ended absolute monarchy. Then the pulling down of a Buri Ram monument to the country’s first constitution. And now the removal of the Bangkok monument which commemorates the victory of the people’s government’s over a pro-monarchist rebellion 80 years ago. 

A few months ago, the Army chief openly declared he was willing to stage another coup if the people misbehaved themselves. 

Meanwhile, using the excuse of “national security”, the junta has imposed authoritarian laws to silence the people’s voice. 

Such actions remind me of China’s Cultural Revolution, when the Red Guards vandalised historical symbols across the country. 

In the end, time will tell that such manipulation of historical events will not change the history, whether in China or Thailand. Monuments may be permanently removed but history cannot be erased. 

Are Thais being forced to choose only between the devil (the military government) and the evil (the past elected governments) to lead the country?

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