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‘Big Joke’ is no laughing matter

Jan 09. 2019
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So long as the plight of the Saudi teenager is prominent in the international news, I suggest that the English-language newspapers should refrain from spelling the nickname of the chief of Thai Immigration as “Big Joke”.

Because of the English meaning, this spelling will not enhance Thailand’s glory in foreign eyes. If the international media publicise it, it will create considerable mirth.

The nickname of the chief of Immigration must command respect, even reverence, especially from the legions of fearful expats who require visas to continue living here.  Assuming that it is pronounced with a long O, we can’t spell it “Jok”, or people might pronounce it “Jock”. But spelling it “Joak” will convey the correct pronunciation and solve the problem.  I commend this spelling to scriveners throughout the land.

Ye Olde Pedant 

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