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The wall’s purpose is to whip up fear, not keep out migrants

Jan 09. 2019
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Re: “For proof that a wall works, look at Israel”, Have Your Say, January 3.

Doing catch-up here, I notice that there’s a number of missives worthy of attention but for obvious reasons it’s not possible for me to correct them all, loony tunes or nearly so. 

That said, I observe that “Alf Haupt” has beamed down again, and offers another dollop of dottiness. As we know, it’s currently de rigueur for folks within and without the Washington beltway to bash each other with fiery rhetoric regarding The Wall, and that, contrary to Trump’s a priori, sulphurously flatulent outbursts Mexico ain’t payin’ for it, baby. Moreover, as a typically impotent distraction from potentially more damaging issues, it’s glaringly obvious that it won’t work. This, despite the hysterical scaremongering froth from Trump’s  mouthpiece Sarah Sanders on Fox “news” about several thousand “terrorists” pouring over the border. Even the usually pro-Trump Fox channel demolished that one.

Haupt informs us that – his words – “a properly designed and constructed wall is not easily clambered over”. Well, big deal; I would have thought that even Haupt would know that if you can’t go over, you go round. Needs must when the devil drives.

As is his wont, Haupt can’t resist the impulse to quixotically alter reality, this time by inferring that the Israeli wall works. Ah! That explains why the Israeli Defence Forces routinely shoot unarmed protesters over open ground.

While he’s at it, he might wish to take a trip to the German capital and ask Berliners what they think about walls.

A belated Happy New Year.

Dr Frank


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