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Many have a lot to answer for in Saudi teen case

Jan 15. 2019
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There just too many conflicting “truths” in the case of the Saudi asylum-seeker. The Thai Immigration chief said she did not have travel documents like onward ticket and a visa to Australia or money?

So if she had an onward ticket, does Thailand have the legitimate right to apprehend a not “wanted” adult in the international space of the transit zone? And what are the legal consequences for the wrongdoers? 

Do Saudi officials also have to face legal consequences for snatching the young lady’s passport on Thai soil, and also for illegally entering the transit area? 

Some Thai officials will have to take responsibility for letting Saudi officials into the transit area without a proper document, a plane ticket. 

People around the world are furious after hearing the gruesome story of the slaughter of Jamal Khashoggi in a Saudi consulate, so it is easy to understand all the support and attention this young Saudi woman’s case got.

Why did the police outside the young lady’s hotel room hinder officials from the UNHCR from doing their duty of talking to her – a clear violation of her and the UNHCR’s rights? 

What consequences will there be for obstructing fulfilment of the rights of refugees and human rights?

This story seemed to be full of disinformation and lies, and was a total mess. Are immigrations officials just uneducated officials lacking knowledge of international laws and regulations that Thailand has signed, or do they just work on their own whims and fancies? 

In a whim they changed their stand after heavy pressure from abroad, which tells us that they do not know what they are doing. 

In addition, when the No 2 leader of the land is the quickest to get it wrong, we clearly see unqualified people in positions they not should have been in. 

A Johnsen

Prachuap Khiri Khan

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