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Actually, it is indeed pretty awful

Jan 17. 2019
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Re: “Health-wise, offal isn’t awful”, Have Your Say, January 12.

If you read the book “Slaughterhouse”, an investigation into slaughterhouses in the US, you will never want to put any type of meat in your mouth again. 

We are told that faeces, bile and ingesta covered up to 25 per cent of slaughtered chickens on the inspection line. Millions of chickens leaked yellow pus, were stained by green faeces and were contaminated by harmful bacteria or marred by harmful lung and heart infections and cancerous tumours. 

Rancid meat was smoked to cover foul odour or marinated to disguise slime and smell. Chickens and hams were soaked in chlorine baths to remove slime and odour and red dye was added to beef to make it appear fresh.  Factory personnel shovelled food directly from the floor – on which workers urinated – into edible sausage bins. Meat was packed in boxes with fist-sized clumps of faecal matter and maggots and other larvae were breeding in transport tubs. Employers sneezed on the meat, sneezed into their hands and wiped them on passing carcasses and coughed up phlegm onto the products.

Meat? No thank you!

Jenny Moxham

Victoria, Australia

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