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How one man’s unconscious impulses are wrecking a superpower

Jan 22. 2019
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Donald Trump hates the United States. He absolutely detests the country and everything for which it stands.

But the funny thing is, his hatred for the US is not conscious, like that of al-Qaeda or ISIS. He’s not lying in bed at night thinking of new ways to harm ordinary people.

Rather, his malevolence is a by-product of his deeper self. Trump is a pure sociopath. He is so focused on what he wants that he is blind to his wake of destruction. His nature goes far beyond denial, which after all implies some comprehension. He wants what he wants and nothing else matters. Even if he recognised that he is damaging our democracy and economy and security and international position, he wouldn’t care. To him it would be a fair trade. He is more important than literally everyone and everything except perhaps his incestuous fantasy sex object Ivanka.

It is amazing to see someone with this pathology so out in the open. Most examples are extreme criminals who when caught are quickly tried and jailed – they effectively disappear. It is unheard of other than in totalitarian dictatorships for such an aberration to have this high a profile.

Did his campaign conspire with the Russians in the 2016 election? Of course. Did he know about the conspiracy and even direct it? Without question. Is he an agent of Vladimir Putin? We don’t know yet for sure but the evidence suggests so. Any way you look at it, he is one of the greatest traitors in American history. The appropriate action could not be more straightforward. He should be arrested, hauled away in handcuffs and prosecuted.

Trump is a criminal and his only suitable fate is behind bars. He also cheated so he must be removed from office and all of his acts reversed. In the discourse about the “orange monster”, one simple aspect of American ideals has been forgotten. We don’t tolerate cheaters. In sports we take away their medals and ban them from competition. In business it’s called fraud and we pursue both criminal and civil convictions. Trump cheated to become US president. He is and always has been completely illegitimate. All the Republican goose-steppers can lie and cloud the issue on Fox and CNN and anywhere else they can get a microphone, but this simple truth remains. They are just as much traitors as he. They and their wannabe Nazi party also have to go. It has no place in the US government as America struggles to address the massive challenges of this century.

Roland Watson

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