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Recent science debunks the cholesterol myth

Jan 24. 2019
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I hereby confess to making a grave error which only the erudite scientists Eric Bahrt and Diane Cornelius could have brought to my attention.

In suggesting there was no link between dietary consumption of cholesterol and heart disease I should not have recommended they “look it up”, since there are more than 60 years of bad science, spanning the original Ancel Keys research to the more recent work of various statin manufacturers, from which to choose.

My apologies, it is recent science that debunks the cholesterol myth, and this research is readily available. Even the fossil-like National Health Service of the UK has a summarising article which includes the following, taken from a peer-reviewed study of multiple studies: “28 studies looked at the link with death from any cause. Twelve found no link between LDL and mortality, but 16 actually found that lower LDL was linked with higher mortality risk – the opposite to what was expected.” And, “nine studies looked at cardiovascular mortality link specifically – seven found no link and two found the opposite link to what was expected”. 

Call me an idiot, I should have known.

Michael Setter

Chon Buri

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