Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Israel a state of hypocrites, blind to its own prison camps

Jan 28. 2019
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With growing amazement I read the statement made by the deputy Israeli ambassador to Thailand concerning a more than 75-year-old Nazi symbol that some stupid pop-band singer in Thailand was, in all her young ignorance, wearing on a T-shirt during a performance.

The embassy went out of its way to express “shock and dismay”, stirring up a storm in a glass of water.

The Israeli embassy stated that, “Presenting Nazi symbols by the band’s singer hurt the feelings of millions around the world, whose relatives were murdered by the Nazis.”

I dare doubt it.

It is an internationally known fact that Israel’s deplorable behaviour in the lands of its neighbours, the so-called “territories” where the Palestinian population has been brutally held hostage by this fine Jewish state for many decades already, hurts the feelings of millions around the world. All the more since this daily Nazi-style violence comes from the very same people whose relatives were murdered by the Nazis.

Joe Argusoog

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