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A cannibal by any other name … 

Feb 08. 2019
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Re: “Vegan dreamers should wake up and seek workable solutions”, Have Your Say, February 8.

I see that Dr Frank has finally awoken from torpor and reverted to his customary male-menopause mode. Good, it keeps the rest of us on our toes. In his latest offering, he chastises Diane Cornelius for daring to challenge his eating preferences. 

Unfortunately there is a more important issue here. When Dr Frank’s eating preferences inflict suffering and death on sentient beings, it is perfectly legitimate for other sentient beings to question them. “Why do you eat animals, Doc?” 

“I like to, they taste good.” 

A cannibal, asked why he would like to eat Dr Frank, would be equally justified in replying, “I’ve eaten his species before, and they taste good. I’ve always wanted to eat a Yorkshireman, because there’s got to be lots of Yorkshire pudding in there.” If one’s personal eating preferences are of paramount concern, it should be perfectly acceptable for the cannibal to dine on his fellow humans. But in Dr Frank’s case, the cannibal might be advised to watch out for an excess of bile in the pudding.

Dr Frank takes some shots at Diane Cornelius for using a pen name. I don’t know whether she uses a pen name or not. If pen names are so wicked, Dr Frank’s own apparently truncated name comes close. My signature on this and other letters boldly attests that I myself have always been an inveterate foe of the vicious and cowardly practice of using pen names.

Ye Olde Pedant 

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