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China’s treatment of Muslim minority is neither peaceful nor orderly

Feb 12. 2019
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Re: “Thailand should learn from China’s push to educate Muslims”, Have Your Say, February 6. 

Once again, Prasan Stianrapapongs shows his affinity with the Middle Kingdom. 

He states: “When the minorities [in China] make trouble, the government uses iron rule to clamp down on them. This policy is very effective in keeping peace and order for more than one billion Chinese – something that is missing in both Thailand and the Western world.” 

While this may be true for the dominant Han Chinese, I do not think that throwing hundreds of thousands of Uighur into prisons and re-education camps constitutes peace and order. The fact is that many Muslims have protested on the streets in China, and the government has not really been able to handle them in a way that respects their human rights.

Mr Stianrapapongs has written numerous pro-China letters published here in the past, which makes me wonder whether he is a secret agent of the communist government. If he is not, he sure sounds as if he would make a good one. I will gladly write him a glowing letter of recommendation if he so desires to work for the Chinese government.


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