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Britain is no land of saints and gentlemen

Feb 17. 2019
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I agree with Robin Grant that despite being nicknamed the land of smiles, Thailand cannot claim to be flawless as far as human rights are concerned.

In fact, no country can make such a claim, even a country considered to be powerful and humanitarian such as Great Britain.

Those who study world history will find that Britain has had one of the most brutish and cruel armies in the world. During the past two centuries, the British Army has killed and maimed millions of people across the globe in its quest for world dominance.

Even the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar today, in which 10,000 people are believed to have perished, was a result of Britain moving them east into Buddhist-dominant Burma about 100 years ago – to work in British-owned sugar farms and factories.

Just look at the dirty mess left by colonial Britain in the global community of today.

Hence, even though Thailand has little cause to call itself the land of smiles, I don’t think either that any other nation, much less Great Britain, can claim to be a country of saints and gentlemen.

Vint Chavala

Chiang Mai

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