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Logic used by gun-control advocates quite flawed

Feb 22. 2019
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Re: “The real emergencies that Don is ignoring”, Have Your Say, February 20

According to the Interior Ministry there are 6.1 million guns registered in Thailand, and with a population of 67 million, Thailand is a world leader in gun-related homicide, on par with the US. This despite the fact that US citizens own far more guns per capita than Thais. However the important fact is that the US has a murder rate that’s lower than the global average. Brazil has a national murder rate seven times higher than the US, but owns only 6.7 per cent as many guns per person. 

This suggests that when guns are not handy other means will be used, and therefore the logic behind the gun control Lungstib advocates is highly flawed. 

Lungstib also states 75 per cent of prisoners incarcerated in the US have not been convicted of a crime. Actually 21 per cent of prisoners are pre-trial detainees, a practice which might assist Thailand in more effectively establishing the rule of law.

It would appear Lungstib is getting his information from the Clown News Network, where the news is retracted almost as often as it is reported. 

Mr M

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