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Is America’s military doctrine peaceful? 

Mar 07. 2019
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Our attention has been drawn to Tuesday’s letter headlined “Rather than starting another cold war, Russia could join the US”, written by “The Monk”, and we cannot but say a few words.

It is always hard to debate with experts. And we are not going to dispute with The Monk and his intimate knowledge of the number of Russian nuclear-armed submarines, the silos where Russian ICBMs lie rusting and the targets those missiles are aimed at.

We only want to mention a few things:

Russia’s foreign policy is peaceful and its military doctrine is entirely defensive. Can the same be said about the US?

If The Monk is blaming Russia for starting another cold war (this is what his letter’s headline implies) at a time when the US is unilaterally withdrawing from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, he risks triggering cognitive dissonance among The Nation’s readers.

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