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Terrorism can only be defeated by uprooting the deeper cause

Mar 07. 2019
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Re: “A baseless attack on Christianity from apologist for Islamist violence”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Because Alf Haupt is too ignorant to debate the facts, he writes vicious lies about me. I didn’t say that Muslims never attack anyone who didn’t attack them first. What I did say was that the Koran was being quoted out of context when Egon suggested that it directs people to kill anyone who isn’t a Muslim.

It is also a slanderous lie for him to say I support terrorism. But I do believe that if we want to defeat it we must deal with its root cause, which is often political oppression.

Finally he denies that the Christian Bible tells men that their brides should be killed if they’re not virgins on their wedding night. Google “Deuteronomy 22:13-21” and you will see that I what I wrote was true.

While Haupt, a vicious hate-monger, calls himself a Christian he obviously knows nothing about the Bible that he claims to believe in.

And it’s another lie when he claims I was attacking Christianity. I specifically wrote: “It’s unfair to hold every Christian and Muslim responsible for every comment made in the Bible or Koran.”

As an agnostic I respect all religions. What I don’t respect are religious fanatics like Haupt. They turn more people into atheists than Richard Dawkins could ever dream of doing.

Eric Bahrt

Chiang Mai

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