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Mother Nature being fed into the grinder of factory farming

Mar 12. 2019
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The focus of this year’s International Women’s Day, on March 8, was ending violence against women.

But if violence to human females is wrong, shouldn’t violence to all females be deemed wrong? Logically, how can it be wrong to abuse human females but right to abuse non-human females? The females I’m referring to are the sows, hens, cows and other female animals who are condemned to lives of suffering and violent deaths simply because of their reproductive capabilities. 

Breeding sows quite literally go insane in their body-hugging metal and concrete pens while battery hens endure not only the intolerable confinement of their small, wire cages but also the feather pecking of their half-crazed “cell” mates. Each year “dairy” cows are forced to endure the agony of giving birth, only to have their precious babies torn from their side and killed. As soon as their milk supply wanes they, too, are callously slaughtered. Whenever we buy animal products we are saying, in effect, “I support the abuse of females. Please use my money to continue abusing them.”

As a vegan of 40 years I can assure you that no abuse of females – or males – is necessary in order to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Jenny Moxham

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