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Physics confirms that ‘objective reality’ is a grand illusion

Mar 14. 2019
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Re: “A short lesson in the difference between knowledge and belief”, Have Your Say, March 13.

The latest research in quantum mechanics released in the current issue of MIT Technology Review boldly states, “There’s no such thing as objective reality”, something known to mystics for millennia. I leave it to readers to pore over the fascinating research report on Nobel-winning physicist Eugene Wigner’s little-known thought experiment, but it will be little known no more. This marks an important turning point in both physics and philosophy.

In his recent letter, Bangkok Atheist asks us to imagine what would happen if students were introduced to the study of religion along with the study of chemistry, physics, history and biology; suggesting that history is a secular subject and comparative religion is not.

Bangkok Atheist being an outspoken atheist, one can imagine he may well be unfamiliar with “The Tripura Rahasya”, “The Avadhuta Gita”, “The Aletheon”, “The Life of St Seraphim of Sarov”, “Venerable Ajaan Khao Analayo, A True Spiritual Warrior” or even the poetry of Rumi.

His letter’s headline suggests that for religion and God to exist, the prerequisite is belief. This could not be further from the truth.

God is not located in the objective position of existence (the “it”), but rather in the subjective (the “being”) position. Now we see that science has confirmed this understanding by demonstrating that every “thing” is merely a modification of the perfectly subjective reality.

If anyone will study the above-mentioned texts (and there are many more) this important distinction will become clear, thus making the atheist’s argument irrelevant. 

This must be understood. Until then Bangkok Atheist’s argument seems viable, but only to those made ignorant by scientific materialism and secular sophistry.

The truth is revealed in the feeling of being, not in the thought-bound mind, gripped by mortal fear and selfish desire. It is never denied to any being except by their own activity.

The Realist

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