Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Dumbed-down generation has swallowed ocean of climate lies

Mar 20. 2019
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Re: “Young generation shows striking climate of ignorance”, Have Your Say, March 18.

A most hearty welcome back to JC Wilcox, whose “comeback” letter smashes the nail right on the head. JC tells us more about the hoax of all hoaxes that is the climate change.

The biased and paid-for scientists who are pushing this hoax ought to be stripped of their PhDs.

And all of these ardent “pushers” forget one thing in their ignorant equations – the sun. And nobody can control the sun.

Further, as Wilcox states, the young generation has been dumbed down through public schools that are in the control of socialists and outright communists implementing the “common core” system where 2+2 is being made to equals 5. In other words, teaching based on feelings instead of facts and reality.

Read Charlotte Iserbyt’s book “The Dumbing Down of America”. She was appointed by President Ronald Reagan but was given no power to do away with this horror. So much for the “excellence” in education of today’s America.


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