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More evidence that democracy and Islam are incompatible

Mar 20. 2019
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Re: “Thailand’s Pakistani immigrants need not fear persecution”, Have Your Say.

In reply to yesterday’s letter, why should they? Pakistan is after all their cultural and ancestral home.

The writer criticises sovereign nation states who “close down their borders and erect fences to block entry to genuine refugees”. The very reason they do that is to identify “genuine refugees” and separate them from economic migrants and others entering with ill intent. Genuine refugees have nothing to fear from entering a country through official channels, but they lose their rights of entry by joining an unidentifiable illegal mass invasion.

As the writer admits, most Pakistanis in Thailand are economic migrants and that is why they are refused asylum. Thailand does not erect fences but its immigration policies are the same as those countries who do, and rightly so. 

The writer praises the “equal rights and constitutional guarantees in Pakistan” but we do not see thousands of migrants fighting to enter Pakistan across its borders; the human traffic is in the opposite direction.

Yes, the killing at the mosques in New Zealand was horrific and sickening. Unfortunately the perpetrators would seem to have been motivated by retaliation against the many attacks inspired by Islam against European people. It seems to have been “push back”. The two ideologies, Western democracy and Islamic sharia, are diametrically opposed. The only solution is either to assimilate and accept the laws of the host country or remain in one’s own country with one’s own laws. Failure to respect this common sense approach is bound to cause conflict, regrettably.

JC Wilcox

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