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China’s government is being undermined by a global conspiracy 

Mar 21. 2019
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Re: “Beijing leadership destroyed a great world civilisation”, Have Your Say, March 20. 

Each time the Chinese government is praised in a letter, Michael Setter attacks the writer by digging up the Tiananmen Square uprising, the Tibet issue, et al. The pattern has become as boring as it is predictable.

There is every reason to believe that one group of people (or organisation) is trying every possible way to demonise or accuse China through the media, with the aim of destabilising the Beijing administration. A few days ago, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s criticism of China’s human rights record was met with a solid rebuke from Beijing, which pointed out that the US self-styled “human rights defender” was operating double standards. 

Mr Setter accuses me of being an apologist “engaged in a dirty business”, which makes me wonder whether he is part of this group working on the payroll of a foreign power.

Readers should know more about Liu Xiaobo, whom Setter says was unfairly prosecuted by the Chinese government. From October 2005 to August 2007, Liu wrote numerous articles for the BBC Chinese Network and other websites publicly challenging the Communist Party of China (CCP) and repeatedly inciting the public to overthrow its regime. In 2008, Liu and others published a “Charter 08”, proposing the overthrow of the CCP. In 2010, Liu was subsequently sentenced to a jail term of 11 years for inciting subversion of state power. On June 26 2017, he was granted medical parole after being diagnosed with liver cancer. He died on July 13, 2017.

Liu received the Nobel Peace Prize while he was in jail, which many saw as a political move by the West to undermine China.

Incidentally, I was about to write something on China’s latest Mars-exploration space programme, but knowing that it will probably get a negative response from the accusers I decided to hold my pen. Better to wait until the Chinese flag is planted on Mars, when the grand China Dream is realised on that planet. 

Yingwai Suchaovanich 

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