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Russians deserve better than their cowboy president

Mar 21. 2019
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Re: “Is America’s military doctrine peaceful”, Have Your Say, March 8.

The Russian embassy has graced this page with a claim so extraordinary that it deserves further attention.  

 “Russia’s foreign policy is peaceful,” the embassy wrote on March 8. However, a few highlights from the historical record make a nonsense of this claim:   

1. “We will bury you” – UN Khrushchev’s warning to Western diplomats, Moscow, 1956.

2. “I can destroy the US in 30 minutes or less,” Putin, New Century banquet, Moscow, December 2011.

3. Putin narrating video montage of a hypersonic missile that cannot be intercepted heading towards the US (Florida), March 2018.

4. Putin again mentioning nuclear war and the new Tsirkon hypersonic missile, Moscow, December 20, 2018.

As I stated in my previous missive, Russia needs another peacemaker like Gorbachev, not a preening strongman who suppresses dissent while blustering about nuclear conflict to stir nationalistic feeling at home. Russians deserve better. 

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