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Only one party interested in breaking vicious cycle 

Mar 22. 2019
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Thai voters are being offered few good choices by political parties competing in Sunday’s election. 

We have parties which have showed no political leadership in times of crisis, underlined when a prime minister was humiliated by a violent siege that ruined his Asean meeting and caused fellow regional leaders to flee. Another party has been consistently corrupted for consecutive terms. 

Many parties only exist in order to use political loopholes to join the government and exploit power for their own benefit. Worse still, the party claiming to be the country’s saviour came about as a result of a military coup. 

All parties are promoting populist policies and free handouts, with zero concern for national fiscal discipline. 

Hardly any parties are campaigning on a platform of anti-corruption. 

That leaves only one party which, no matter how much the elite establishment attacks its genuine intentions, tells the hard truth concerning the deep-rooted flaws in our society that are causing this vicious cycle of corrupt politics and coups. The outcome of this election will reflect whether Thailand’s draconian political mentality can be saved and if the population understands what democracy is all about.

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