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Farang still using Tibet as pawn to undermine China

Mar 24. 2019
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Re: “Western colonialism is history, China’s oppression is ongoing” and “Beijing leadership destroyed a great world civilisation”, Have Your Say, March 20. 

The first letter wrongly equates China’s oppression in Tibet to the UK’s murderous theft of the whole Australian continent from Aborigines and European colonists’ extermination of North America’s indigenous peoples. Tibet is part of China and has never been a real country, so the taming of Tibet is an internal affair in the successful effort to bring order and peace to nearly one and a half billion people. In contrast, the colonisation of Australia and North America was done by genocide. Ye Olde Pedant should go back and read my response to a shameless farang who claimed that “The free world owes Britain a huge debt” for saving it from communist rule. In fact, communist rule made China more prosperous than the largest democratic country. 

Tibet is relatively calm and peaceful today, while the Western superpower’s force-fed democracy has turned Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria into chaos and is now threatening the same in Venezuela.

Another farang claims that the “Beijing leadership destroyed a great world civilisation”. Once again, we witness the old Westerners’ strategy of using Tibet as a pawn to undermine China. If farang really consider Tibetan culture so prestigious, why don’t they study and practise Tibetan snail-creep thinking and see if this leads them to enlightenment. I am sure they couldn’t do this without smoking “strong weed”.

Prasan Stianrapapongs


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