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Western governments massacre their own citizens too

Mar 24. 2019
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Re: The ongoing debate on China’s human rights record. 

It is, of course, entirely proper to criticise Chinese atrocities but it is also wise to see them in a broader context.

China’s brutal repression of the Tiananmen Square demonstration should be unconditionally condemned as a grave violation of the human rights of peaceful demonstrators. Nevertheless it is important to realise that killing citizens who have assembled peacefully for mass demonstrations is a common practice of many governments, including those Western administrations now busy criticising China for repression.

To cite just a few examples of Western governments’ readiness to employ deadly force against their own citizens:

United States: The Kent State massacre of May 4, 1970. 

France: The Paris massacre of October 17, 1961. 

Germany: The massacre of June 2, 1967. 

Israel: The killing of Arab citizens of Israel in Kafr Quasim in 1956. 

Of course, not only Western governments are apt to use deadly force against their own; we know many examples of such cases elsewhere in the world.

Przemo Kranz


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