Sunday, August 25, 2019

Hope for Thailand if Future Forward can resist temptation of govt power

Mar 25. 2019
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The preliminary results of Sunday’s election point to either a military-backed government (Phalang Pracharat) or a ruling coalition led by a notoriously corrupt party (Pheu Thai).

There’s little point asking why Thailand has wound up with such a dreadful choice. Instead we should plead with the new-blood Future Forward Party not to take sides with either of the above in forming a government. 

Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit’s Future Forward should be applauded for its promise to kick the military out of politics and defend democracy. However he also identified the deeply entrenched culture of corrupt and centralised government and the rich elite’s economic monopoly that is widening the gap of wealth and well-being gap among Thais. These are the structural and deep-rooted issues in our society that no politician has previously mentioned. Thanathorn had the courage to tell the painful truth to the people and was rewarded with massive support from new voters who want to see Thailand break out from this vicious cycle. 

I would like to see Future Forward now position itself as an alternative party, even it means being in opposition. 

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