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Buddhism a philosophy? Depends which way you slice it

Apr 09. 2019
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Is Buddhism a religion? Is the tomato a vegetable?

In the case of the tomato, a botanist will tell you it’s a fruit by botanical definition. A nutritionist will tell you it’s a vegetable, because of its nutritional value and taste. Were my granny alive, she would side with the nutritionist, claiming any plants you put in soup must be vegetables.

Is Buddhism a religion or a philosophy? No one can claim to have the right answer because there is no consensus view on it. But it is interesting and educational to read arguments from pundits like JC Wilcox, Paul and Ye Olde Theologian. (I must say I learn a lot of English from these learned gentlemen).

Now let’s discuss another issue that has nagged me forever. Is Jewishness an ethnicity, race, ancestry, religion or culture?

Somsak Pola

Samut Prakan

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