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No atheist ever committed a suicide-bombing

Apr 09. 2019
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Re: “Why worship at the altar of atheism?”, Have Your Say, March 25.

To call atheists “fanatical” seems to me an oxymoron. “Fanatical” belongs to the realm of “belief”, but atheism is founded on science, facts. 

Of course, atheists mock religious people for their literal belief in fairy-tales like the Bible or the Koran, their blind faith and their ignorance, but I have never encountered an atheist who was fanatical.

Simply said, if no scripture had been written, no crimes would be committed in the name of God or Allah. This is good enough reason to call all religions evil, along with other grand belief systems. 

Buddhism is not acceptable either. Buddha gave us rules to escape suffering by avoiding attachment. Can one imagine a world without love? Or believe in a 

cosmology which is complete nonsense? Of course, one can find worthy rules in scripture but these were established long before God or Allah was invented as 

being necessary for communities to live together.

Many are of the opinion that most religious adherents are decent people. To these people, I would pose a simple question: If a Muslim in the Western world befriends a Jew or a Christian – an act which is forbidden in the Koran – can he/she still be considered a Muslim, given that the Koran must be followed to the letter? 

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