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Nakhon Sawan sugar factory sours life for local residents

Apr 11. 2019
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For the past two years, I have lived in the Nakhon Sawan village of Ban Makluea, a few kilometres from a cane sugar factory that is destroying the lives of many local residents.

The managers of the Ruampon Sugar Factory are apparently aware of the problems but absolutely unwilling to do anything about them.

On March 6, staff from the factory conducted a house-to-house survey in the local area, then the next day met with residents to discuss the problems.

More than a month later, nothing has been done to remedy the misery caused to local residents by the factory’s operations, and we have been told that it is unlikely anything will be done this year.

We remind you about the points under discussion:

1. Noise pollution!

The factory emits noise of 75 decibels-plus that can give the impression of living near an airport. Delivery trucks add to the cacophony, accelerating and blowing their horns for apparently no reason.

2. The dirt!

Dangerous PM2.5 pollution is emitted from the chimneys in very high quantities. The dust and pollution ends up in villagers’ gardens and properties. Factory traffic raises a dust cloud on the only local road that makes driving dangerous, a situation worsened by the truckers who behave as if they own the road.

3. The smell.

4. It seems that the factory car parks do not have enough toilets, so truck drivers relieve themselves in the surrounding properties and streets, much to the disgust of villagers.

The factory is making daily life Ban Makluea intolerable. I plead with its owners to let us know what improvements they will make and when we can expect them.

Roberto Lasta

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