Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Putin hardly has the right to fight for Assange’s rights

Apr 12. 2019
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Julian Assange is a man wanted in at least two countries that respect human rights and the rule of law.

This man has been dodging prosecution for years, thanks to the dubious generosity of Ecuador, and it’s time for him to face the music. 

But I was dumbfounded to read a comment made by Russian tsar Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, who demanded that Assange’s rights be respected. Now if there’s one country that cannot lecture anyone about rights, it’s Putin’s Russia – where anyone who dares to protest is arbitrarily arrested or killed in mysterious circumstances. Like Turkey’s Recep Erdogan, Putin likes to champion the cause of anyone who has a bone to pick with the West, while at the same time persecuting internal dissent. 

Isn’t that hypocrisy with a capital H?

Tikfetzu Lee

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