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Two boats on which to navigate life’s wild and steely sea 

Apr 15. 2019
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Re: “On the voyage of life, choose your crew mates carefully”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

A Bangkok Atheist makes a clever observation regarding some outlandish beliefs held by some faiths and cults. Some I even chuckled at. However, his question still stands, “Which boat would you choose?” It’s actually a meaningful interrogative. But yes, one must choose, as one can barely swim in the ocean of life without a philosophical life vest. I’ll choose the boat that doesn’t opine that complex DNA structures arose by chance, that mass murder, rape of children, rampant corruption and greed arise simply by evolutionary forces (aka Richard Dawkins’ belief that there is no evil; we simply dance to our DNA). I’ll choose the boat where evil is punished, yet sinners may still be saved by Grace. Will my fellow philosophical mariners swim to my boat? Some have, many others won’t. Even if their boat takes on existential water? No, and not even if someone rises from the dead (Luke 16:31).

A Bangkok Theist

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