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Lifeboat, or ship of fools?

Apr 16. 2019
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Re: “Two boats in which to navigate life’s wild and steely sea”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

A question for “A Bangkok Theist”: Which of all the world’s gods do you believe exists? I am guessing that it is the Christian god, as you mention Luke 16:31 at the end of your letter. Can I assume that you believe that the Bible is the literal word of your god? This would mean that the evils of which you spoke had their origin sometime after Adam’s former rib (Eve) had a one-on-one chat with some talking snake about a tasty looking apple. I take it that you believe that these two fruit-eating sinners were not “saved by Grace”... and that “original sin” will haunt humanity until the end of time.

I’ll stick with my boat.

A Bangkok Atheist 

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