Monday, September 16, 2019

Global tide of adolescence is submerging last pinnacles of wisdom 

Apr 16. 2019
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The world appears to be overwhelmed by madness. We are ruled by institutions which, by and large, make no sense whatsoever.

World culture is exclusively shaped by the adolescent mind. Sexual pleasure, wealth and fine dining (their indulgence ever increasingly facilitated by immoral scientists) are universally extolled as the ultimate human attainments. I have searched for evidence to the contrary, but it is very difficult to find. Nonsense outweighs sense in every dimension. Religion, government, education, healthcare, warfare, sexuality, work, law, family, justice, environment; it doesn’t matter, the malaise is everywhere. 

Remember the mass collection of human blood which was used to ritually “curse” the Thai government as performed by a so-called Brahmin priest.  

Thousands of people gave their energy, time and attention in order to make this depraved event happen! Anger has overwhelmed people’s hearts to a degree so extreme it seems the measure of our age. With so much knowledge readily available where is wisdom?  

 After all, who would you rather have deciding whether to site a nuclear power plant in your neighbourhood, a demonstrably wise and compassionate Buddhist monk such as the Dalai Lama, or a corrupt politician such as ...? The list is too long to print, isn’t it?

Michael Setter

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