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Assange knows secrets that will shake US to its core

Apr 17. 2019
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Re: “Putin hardly has the right to fight for Assange’s rights”, Letters, The Nation Weekend, April 13-14.

Why has Putin not got the right? Where is the country with a perfect human rights record? Geopolitics is much broader, more complex and of greater gravitas than this one single issue.

Wikileaks are journalists who over many years have never had their reporting proved wrong or false. Their crime in this current age of lies and fake news has been, and still is, to expose the truth. After being physically dragged from the Ecuadorian Embassy by the English police, Assange was summarily convicted by a judge without trial for having jumped bail relating to false rape charges in Sweden which had been dropped.

The truth is rather more sinister. The US Deep State, fuming at being exposed, wants Assange extradited on charges of treason that are fundamentally false because he is not a US citizen. As a journalist he simply reported leaked factual information from whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning relating to US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan that were evident on videos.

This is the same US Deep State that, during the Obama/Clinton administration, claimed Russian interference cost Hillary Clinton the top job, while in fact it was they who contrived to squash Donald Trump and then contrived a coup d’etat by weaponising the FBI and DoJ against his presidency. It’s the same administration that interfered politically in the Ukraine with the European Union to include the Ukraine in Nato. There is no love lost between Putin and the Obama/Clinton administration and their ally the European Union. Putin like Trump is a Christian patriot, in direct contrast to the Obama/Clinton administration.

Assange’s extradition will prove a godsend for truth and the rule of law when he goes on trial. Hillary Clinton is foolishly celebrating Assange’s arrest as revenge, but he will expose the truth about her collusion with Russia, her Democratic National Committee involvement in the coup attempt against President Trump and the murder of DNC employee Seth Rich in Washington because he knows the truth and it will shake the US to its core. That’s one good reason for Putin to support Assange.

JC Wilcox

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